Deus Ex 3 PC

DX3 PC Deus Ex 3Deus Ex 3 is the 3rd game in the FPS / RPG game series, Deus Ex. It will take place before the original DX1 as a prequel to Deus Ex, which takes place in 2052. In the DX3 first trailer as a ballot box marked "Biopolitic 2027" subliminally appeared (this date was later blanked out in the high-definition version of the Deus Ex teaser / trailer). This could be due to the irreconcilable multiple endings in Deus Ex: Invisible War that could no tpossibley be brought into a single storyline. PC Gamer UK has suggested that the reason for the removal of the 2027 date was because the game was not to take place in this year - I guess we will see who is right when the game is actualy released. When considering the images of an embryo which was speculated to be the embryo of the player, magazine suggested that DeusEx 3 would take place when this embryo had fully grown to an adult. This would still allow for the game to be a prequel and as we know in Sci-Fi embrios can grow to fully grown human in far accelerated rate as compared to conventional human development. •

Deus Ex 3 PC Game

Deus Ex 3
Eidos Montreal
Eidos Interactive
Jean-François Dugas
Crystal Dynamics Engine
PC (maybe Xbox360 and PS3 later on)
Release date
Single player / Multiplayer


And here some OLD screenshots from DeusEx 2 and Deus Ex 1 (the orricinal Game Of The Year)